On point. 29.3.2021

On point. 29.3.2021 Concise communications insights   Given their massive reach the platforms are a critical part of managing misinformation and disinformation about social issues and highlighting authoritative content; for COVID-19 – Twitter is continuing to label and remove misinformation and has introduced a strike system to educate accounts on what breaks the rules #socialmedia[…]

On point.

On point. 25.3.2021 Concise communications insights   Write powerful headlines using CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer #contentcreation YouTube’s Checks tool analyses your content for potential copyright violations before you publish #YouTube #copyright Twitter is testing an option that allows you to watch YouTube videos in stream #socialmedia. Subscribe

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On point. 24.3.2021 Concise communications insights   Enjoy one of the 200 Science of Social Media podcasts by Buffer #social media #education Take a tour of the invite-only, audio-only social media app Clubhouse #socialmedia #platform Twitter recently acquired Revue which allows writers to publish and even monetise newsletters #socialmedia #platform. Subscribe

It’s Official – This week in social media –  24 June 201

Your weekly summary of official social media news from the major social media platforms. You can listen to or read this post. FACEBOOK Coming in 2020: Calibra Big news with Facebook announcing Calibra, a newly formed Facebook subsidiary whose goal is to provide financial services that will let people access and participate in the Libra network. The first[…]

It’s Official – This week in social media – 17 June 2019

Your official social media news from the major social media platforms. You can listen to or read this post. There’s quite a bit of news this week from the major social media platforms. In summary: Facebook has introduced blood donation features in the US, extended its Watch offering (that’s watching videos together as opposed to[…]

It’s Official – This week in social media – 10 June 2019

Your weekly summary of official social media news from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google. You can listen to or read this post. TWITTER Inclusion and Diversity Report 2019 Twitter released its inclusion and diversity report on roles at the company by gender and race. Twitter found that the data and insights were too US-centric[…]

It’s Official – this week in social media – 3 June  2019

Your weekly summary of official social media news from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google. You can listen to or read this post. FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN & INSTAGRAM There’s no official news from Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram since last week. TWITTER Twitter launched two special emojis #EP2019 and #EUelections2019 for the recent EU elections, aiming to drive engagement across[…]

It’s Official – This week in social – 20 May 2019

This week in social – 20 May 2019 Your weekly summary of official social media news from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google. Facebook Facebook is working with health partners to create detailed, AI-driven maps that pair health system information with data on human mobility to yield insights about diseases spread by human-to-human contact. This[…]

Why you shouldn’t treat or measure social media like Amway

We all know what happens to that network marketing evangelist at the party who sees every guest as a sales opportunity and pounces to sign them up for some or other scheme within minutes of ‘hello’. They stop getting invited. Few people like to be seen as sales prospects or consider meeting someone as synonymous[…]

Social media influences investors & that influence is growing fast

Investors are influenced by research they find on social media and its importance will grow as younger players inherit, work and look for opportunities to invest. According to Cogent Research of the 90% of high net worth people who use social media, 73% spend it on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter making up the rest. They use[…]

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What top business journalist Alan Kohler can teach business leaders about social media

If you know that social media is mission critical yet are still having trouble convincing the executive, take some cues from how business journalist Alan Kohler thinks. With his finger on the pulse of business, his questions mirror those you can expect so use them to pre-empt concerns and provide answers about enterprise and personal use. Talking to[…]

5 practical ways to gain real social media skills

The social web continues to proliferate and impact every area of our lives creating a demand for social talent that will grow as organisations recognise the impact at every level of the business from Boards (which will want oversight on governance to manage market impacts for example) to marketing, customer service, and recruitment. Right now there’s a skills gap that some have[…]

When starting in social media pare back and pair up

With 74% of adults online using social media, businesses increasingly understand its importance for connecting with customers, but don’t always know where to start when implementing a social media strategy. The hundreds of choices of social media networks can engender a sense of overwhelm about where to best invest limited resources. Even though it’s possible to narrow the[…]

Why decision-makers must take social media serious

Nearly 2 billion people use social media; evidence shows online engagement converts to sales; yet up at the top, leaders are still lagging when it comes to using or resourcing it. Only 15-30 percent of CEOs have a presence, but most just sign up and don’t use it, a bit like going to a business[…]

A tweet can cause the share price to plummet. Who’s responsible for social?

If a single tweet can cause a company’s share price to plummet then who is really responsible for social media? Arguably, not the marketing intern. Board directors and senior executives need to update any preconceptions they may have about social media being a distraction for kids and get serious about where responsibility for managing it[…]

Three critical reasons to secure your social media assets

Even if your organization is not ready to ‘go social’ there are three critical reasons you should secure your name, business name and close variations of it across digital and social media platforms. They are  – Defensive – to prevent parody, spoofs, impersonation and hijacking. Online reputation management (ORM)  – to build reputation and manage[…]