On point. 29.3.2021

On point. 29.3.2021 Concise communications insights   Given their massive reach the platforms are a critical part of managing misinformation and disinformation about social issues and highlighting authoritative content; for COVID-19 – Twitter is continuing to label and remove misinformation and has introduced a strike system to educate accounts on what breaks the rules #socialmedia[…]

On point.

On point. 25.3.2021 Concise communications insights   Write powerful headlines using CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer #contentcreation YouTube’s Checks tool analyses your content for potential copyright violations before you publish #YouTube #copyright Twitter is testing an option that allows you to watch YouTube videos in stream #socialmedia. Subscribe

When starting in social media pare back and pair up

With 74% of adults online using social media, businesses increasingly understand its importance for connecting with customers, but don’t always know where to start when implementing a social media strategy. The hundreds of choices of social media networks can engender a sense of overwhelm about where to best invest limited resources. Even though it’s possible to narrow the[…]