Become a cutting-edge leader who knows how to innovate

Innovation is touted as a ‘must have’ future capability and there’s a lot of evidence that suggests innovative leadership is critical to success. As leaders we need to know how to adapt to keep pace with technology as it influences everything that we do. This requires both creativity and resilience. The speed of change is[…]

Value expertise and don’t defer to it

 I was at a workshop recently where a man introduced himself like this: when I did my doctorate at Insert Ivy League University Here. Now there’s nothing wrong with establishing credentials in particular when they are relevant to the discussion, which in this case they were not. What he had done was to anchor the rest of[…]

Technology is about people not tools

That technology impacts every area of our lives from the way we meet to how we learn and work hardly needs to be said. From innovations such as a zero liquid discharge that oxidizes and evaporates sewage to apps that regulate our bodies; the crowdsourcing of funding, news or health, the benefits are well known and embraced. But it’s the insidious colonization of daily life[…]