November 13, 2020

About Dionne Lew

Social media continues to create seismic shifts in business and society.

I help leaders, executives and communications professionals navigate these shifts with confidence and understand how to use social media to build professional visibility, influence and trust online.

Eighteen years on, the social media landscape can seem overwhelming. It’s hard to know what’s important and what’s not, even where to start.

The Covid19 pandemic has demonstrated how social media enables leaders to be visible to all those who matter, from shareholders to employees, irrespective of where you or they are. While it’s often a crisis that focuses attention, reactivity can obscure the many positive outcomes social media delivers on a daily basis.

As a seasoned executive, I know this terrain well. I wrote the pioneering The Social Executive (Wiley, 2012) to help leaders understand the social media landscape and have published extensively in business publications like Forbes and Smart Company.

Typical questions from senior executives include:

  • What are the platforms?
  • What are they used for?
  • How do they work?
  • Which platforms, if any, should I be using?
  • What should I do once there?
  • Should I engage with stakeholders, suppliers, staff?
  • Where will I find the time to do any of this?
  • Why do some leaders make strides on Twitter and LinkedIn and others don’t?
  • How do you set the agenda by leading conversations for your business or industry on topics you’re expert and interested in?

The leaders I work with want to understand social media in both strategic and practical terms. They want evidenced-based advice to take advantage of opportunities and mitigate any risks.

In essence, I help clients extend their visibility, influence and trust into the online environment.

They learn how to build an online professional brand using the social media channels most relevant to their industry or business. I show them how to create, curate or share content that helps them achieve their strategic communications goals.

My rigorous, step-by-step process gets executives across the whole social media ecosystem and introduces key platforms, one by one.  My coaching approach is personalised to suit individual leadership styles, commitments and needs.

Social media is no silver bullet, but it’s a critical part of the communications landscape that can’t be ignored and has many potential benefits. Let’s make those benefits work for you.

You can reach me on +61 477 270 904, at or via LinkedIn and Twitter. You can book me for a speaking engagement as above or through ICMI.