Want the boss on board with social media? First get your own house in order

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sdr70o1Gljw”] Over the years I’ve been talking about the importance of social media the most common question I get asked is: how do I influence the boss? I used to respond to this by sharing how I’d influenced a conservative regulator to enter the space years before social was considered a legitimate channel. My[…]

Is social media a waste of money or a savvy investment?

The hype around social media is intense: eight new people are coming online a minute and there are predictions that by 2016 the internet economy will be worth $4.2 trillion. There have been calls for executives to get online and talk to customers, suppliers, employees. (That’s in their “spare time”, right?) Meanwhile, those same leaders are scrounging for[…]

Don’t leave social media out of the productivity debate

Hardworking executives may have been surprised at research last year that found Australian leaders lagging on many of the key management indicators correlated with productivity. Among the gaps highlighted by an Ernst & Young reportwas a deficiency in people-management capability, particularly with respect to instilling a “talent mindset” across business. The report, called Productivity Pulse, showed that[…]