CEO, COO & CFO key to unlocking social media benefits

What makes a great leader? Different times demand different skills and styles. So what does leadership look like in a world in which 3 billion people are online and where mass adoption could add 6.7 trillion to the global economy? It’s a different mindset. Social leaders ‘get’ how deeply interconnectivity impacts relationships and are hungry to leverage it.[…]

Should the CEO be social?

Chief executives may not want to be on social media but their people, customers and shareholders sure wish they were there. Numerous reports confirm that a social CEO positively impacts perceptions of trust, reputation and engagement. According to surveys: Weber Shandwick – in 2013 found 76% of executives want the CEO to be social, up to 81%[…]

Is lack of social media know-how in HR negligent?

It’s odd that some professionals wear a disinterest in social media as a badge of honour; given its ubiquity, understanding the business, governance and legal impacts should be a requirement. Social media impacts the employment life cycle from pre-employment to recruitment, training and dismissal and every tier of business strategy from product development, marketing, sales[…]