Time for a social media spring clean?

I recently participated in a poll by @Brandle to identify apps linked to my Twitter account.

I found 11, all authorised by me originally but which I had not disconnected after use.

The exercise reminded me of the importance of conducting continual social media hygiene, something @Brandle explores in The Hidden Security Risks from the Corporate Social Media Footprint which asks:

  • Over time, how many people have had the ability to connect applications?
  • How many people still have the credentials or permission to connect applications?
  • How many applications now have access to these properties?
  • Have any of those applications been compromised?
  • Have any of the credentials used to log into those third-party applications been compromised?

Whether you’re in charge of governance for your organisation’s social media accounts or manage a personal network, now’s a good time to clean up apps you no longer use that are running in the background.

You can check out what apps are connected at:

Happy social spring cleaning.