How to ensure your LinkedIn address matches your name

When you first set up a LinkedIn profile you get a default address (also called an URL) that looks something like this

To create a clean look you can get rid of the random string of letters and numbers and create an address that is as close as possible to your real name. On LinkedIn, this is called your ‘custom URL’.

Your name may not be available so try variations that include middle initials or putting your surname first. The combination you settle on should be easily identifiable, because you want to be found.

It’s easy to edit.

  1. Move your cursor over Me on top right-hand side of your LinkedIn page and select Settings & Privacy.

  1. On the left-hand side of the page choose Visibility. It will bring up a menu on the right-hand side that allows you to Edit your public profile. Click on it.




  1. The Public profile settings page will open. On the right-hand side it says Edit your custom URL.


  1. Because I’ve already changed my URL it displays as However, yours may have a whole lot of random letters and numbers after it. Click the pen icon and change the highlighted text in the box.














  1. Add your name without spaces, symbols or special characters. Remember to Save.

All done!

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