Why you can’t avoid social media even if you want to

Even if you want to avoid social media you can’t. Its pervasiveness and power to reach global audiences instantly creates dramatic impacts.

Here are 3 reasons you can’t ignore it

1. You can be drawn in 

If you are a brand you’re already involved.

I could pick any number of examples to illustrate the point, here’s one.

Remember in 2012 when advertising was suspended on 2GB after Australian radio host Alan Jones said then Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s father died in shame?

Although Jones later apologised, many said the gesture was underwhelming and coalesced online, pressuring advertisers to withdraw support.

Many did, including Mercedes-Benz Hornsby, WoolworthsFreedom FurnitureLexus of Parramatta,ColesINGBing LeeMazda7-ElevenSydney Symphony Orchestra, and HCF, costing 2GB up to $80,000 per day. These businesses announced the decision online, mostly via Twitter.

Inadvertently brands became associated with a statement they did not make, but which contradicted their own or customers’ values. Those companies that did not withdraw advertising came under pressure to explain publicly.

None of these businesses woke up expecting to have to pull advertising or justify their marketing approach. This is the speed and impact of connected communication.

– Do you have a plan for how you would respond to a similar incident?
– Has your Board or executive got a policy on when you would and would not withdraw advertising support?
– Where would you announce the decisions to your customers?



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